Adventurer Mini Survival Kit Repair Tape
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Has there ever been a more versatile, multi purpose invention than duct tape? Well, the wheel may have beat it out, but not by much.

    Whether you are camping, hiking, working or even in trouble, duct tape can help keep you and your equipment going under the worst conditions. You could also think of this tape as emergency duct tape or pocket duct is known by many names. We include a smaller version of this duct tape in many of our small kits, to include our Adventurer Survival Sewing and Repair Kit.

    Be prepared for nearly any backcountry repair job with our conveniently sized rolls of versatile duct tape. Each roll, approximately 50" long, is made and wound in the USA. We know, because we wind it ourselves. Each package includes two compact rolls of duct tape measuring 2 inches wide by approximately 50 inches long.

    These small rolls of duct tape are small enough for your survival kit, medical kit, bag or pocket. Keep some emergency duct tape handy just in case.

Duct Tape is a basic survival kit item as it can be used for some many things to include medical emergencies!
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Adventurer Mini Survival Kit Repair Tape

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