Adventurer Series Survival Kit Box

The Adventurer Survival Kit Box, part of the Best Glide Adventurer Series
of Survival Equipment, is ideal for all of your outdoor needs. Because it is
made of heavy duty aluminum with a leak resistant inside rubber seal and
positive locking roller clasps, your items will stay clean and dry, even in
extremely harsh conditions.

Since the Adventurer Survival Kit Box
is food safe, use it to store just about anything. This Adventurer Survival Kit
Box, much like the more expensive Sigg™ Lunch Box, is perfectly suited to store
your lunch, fishing gear, hunting gear, photos, first aid kit, camera, wallet,
valuables and of course, your survival equipment.

Compare the Best Glide
Adventurer Series Survival Kit Box to the Sigg™ Lunch Box and you find a box of
the same or better quality, for a fraction of the price.

The difference
is that our box loses the fancy latches and flashy colors. We highly recommend
our survival gear box for hunters, fishermen, hikers, Boy Scouts™, pilots,
adventurers and anyone who wants a durable, simple and inexpensive water
resistant box.


Hard Anodized
Size: Appx 7.3" x 4.6" x 2.3" (including clasps)
Weight: 6.2
Fire and Water Resistant
Extremely Durable
Not recommended for
Color: Dark Gray

The Adventurer Series Survival
Kit Box is perfectly suited as a:

Survival Kit Box
Medical Kit
Lunch Box
Tackle Box
Hunting Gear Holder
Camping Gear
Ammo Carrier
Phone, Wallet, Keys etc holder
many, many more...

  • Item #: BC1324
  • Manufacturer: Adventure Survival Equipment
  • Condition: New

Adventurer Series Survival Kit Box

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